What is the Dock Line?

Stay up to date with happenings in Bowleys Quarters and vicinity through our Dock Line newsletter. This newsletter is written monthly (September-June) and recaps presentations and topics of discussion at the BQIA meetings as well as informs the community of upcoming events and projects that will affect the residents of BQIA. You can catch previous monthly editions here. If necessary, between publications, members may receive electronic notifications for time sensitive information.  

How Do I Get My Copy?

The Dock Line is distributed to members via E-mail along with meeting reminders and emergency issues and topics as needed. Previous months editions can be found below. For those members who still desire a paper copy, limited paper copies are made available at the Little Free Library; onsite at the BQIA Hall. Reminder: If your membership is current, your Dock Line will be received via the email you have provided. On occasion the Dock Line will be sent to Spam or Junk email depending on your PC settings. Please check your mailboxes. Click Become a Member Above to stay in the know with the Dock Line and be part of a larger voice.

Where can I find previous Editions?

See below for previous editions in .pdf 

June24_Bulletin Final.pdf

May24_Bulletin Final.pdf

April24_Bulletin Final.pdf

March24_Bulletin Final.pdf

Feb24_Bulletin Final.pdf

Jan24_Bulletin Final.pdf

Dec23_Bulletin Final.pdf

Nov23_Bulletin Final.pdf

October 2023 Bulletin

September 2023 Bulletin

June23_Bulletin Final.pdf

May 23_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

April23_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

March23_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

Feb23_Bulletin Final 2-3 (1).pdf

Jan 23_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

Dec 22_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

Nov 22_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

Oct 22_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

Sept 22_Bulletin Final (1).pdf

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